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Television Interview on “Coast up Close”

June 13, 2015 Debby was invited to show and talk about her work on a local TV station in Pensacola, FL

Debby's 18-minute interview begins at 1:05 minutes.

Life of Abraham

The images in this video are all taken from one large painting I made of the whole life of Abraham. Follow the story in Genesis 12-22. The story begins as the Holy Spirit call Abraham out of Ur and Haran where people worship the moon. Abraham is in green, Sarah in yellow. Lot in orange. Music used by permission from the fabulous the Soil & the Sun.

Painting Revelation DVD (trailers)

Here is a 2-minute clip from the beginning
of the 45-minute Painting Revelation
You can see more samples of the teaching
content on YouTube:

Holy Week VIdeo

This 4-minute HD video uses images from Mark to show the last week of Jesus' life. Sound track "O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile" by Jars of Clay used by kind permission.

Audio Interview about Revelation

Bryan Thompson, a charming Irishman with a passion for storytelling, interviewed Debby in 2009. Bryan’s podcast ministry is story4all. 24 minutes

Audio Interview about Acts and Mark

Bryan’s 2010 interview with Debby about her paintings of Acts and Mark 1 & 2. 24 minutes