Until recently my paintings have focused almost entirely on the Bible. I’ve developed a way to study and explore whole books and chapters by sketching all the details of a passage. I then put the scenes together in one painting where I can “see” the big picture of God’s interaction with his creatures on earth. Now I have embarked on a new series of paintings, Visions, Voices, and Dreams, that depicts my personal encounters with the spiritual realm, a kind of visual spiritual memoir. You will find me in each painting dressed in violet clothing, and with golden hair—a reminder to me that I am a child of the King. The first painting in the series takes place around 1956 when I was seven or eight years old. My parents built one of the first mid-century modern, split-level houses in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One night, as they left for a party, they promised to be home by midnight. I awoke after twelve and climbed the short set of stairs to their room but they weren’t back. As I turned to go to my room, I looked over the railing and saw a dragon filling the brick vestibule below. Terrified, I ran back to my room, leapt onto my four-poster bed and jumped up and down screaming until I roused the Germany nanny from her dungeon-esque room in the basement. For years I assumed I had a fever and was hallucinating. Since becoming a Christian, however, I now believe my eyes were open to something real from the spiritual realm. This was my first vision.