Mark II

This painting tells the story of the second half of the Gospel of Mark.

Click on the image for a larger view while you listen to a short audio tour.

The events of Mark chapters 10-16 take place in just over one week, in and around the city of Jerusalem. The rectangle on the right side of the city is the Temple Mount, the largest structure on earth at that time, the size of twenty-five football fields, and holding 250,000 people!

All of the main characters wear distinct clothes so you can pick them out in each  scene. Jesus is in light blue with a white sash. The religious leaders wear grey but the various groups have different head-dresses so you can distinguish Pharisees from Sadducees and so on.

In this final week of his earthly life Jesus reveals himself as the new and living temple, the presence of God in human form. He sacrificed his life for us so we might live forever.

Download the map and key to follow the stories in the order they are written.

This painting is available as a full-size fabric banner (5’ x 7’) or a framed giclée print at 1/4 size (2 1/2’ x 3 1/2’).