Mark I

This painting tells the story of the first half of Mark.

In the center is a large lake, the Sea of Galilee. All the stories in Mark chapters 1-9 take place around this lake in the three-year period of Jesus’ public ministry where he teaches his followers to become fishers of people.

The painting is arranged like a map. All the main characters wear distinct clothes so you can pick them out in each scene. Jesus is in light blue with a white sash, Peter and Andrew are in orange, James and John in green. 

The yellow area to the right (east) of the Sea is the Decapolis. The city of Capernaum is at the mouth of the river in the north. Synagogues are marked with the Star of David, and so on. Use your imagination to see the biblical people and stories with fresh eyes.

In the store, download the map and key to follow the stories in the order they were written. Zoom into the images and listen to a short audio tour.

This painting is available as a full-size fabric banner (5’ x 7’) or a framed giclée print at 1/4 size (2 1/2’ x 3 1/2’).