She Belongs to Me

Follow an exciting journey to faith—based on Debby Topliff’s personal story.
Set in the late 60s—from Ann Arbor to the UK to Switzerland and back


Alice Blankwell begins college in 1968 believing she can make the “Summer of Love” last forever, but she’s unaware her parents have given her everything except what she truly needs. On her quest for adventure, Alice explores the wilderness of Colorado and barely resists when a voice invites her to leave her body. She moves to England for a year, assuming that once she’s free from her past she will become her authentic self. Instead she feels alienated and resorts to risky behavior to define her identity: she buys a motorcycle, engages in unsafe relationships, moves in with drug dealers, and trips out on LSD. Her appetite for drugs and sex, mixed with a deep spiritual hunger, propels her into increasingly dangerous situations with unsavory characters until she finds herself in a remote village in the Alps among a community of faith, L’Abri, where she hears the real voice of love.


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