reviews: what people are saying

John Ortberg

author and teaching pastor

Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

“This video, like the book of Revelation itself, carries its own blessing.”

Carole Inman

former Director of Ministry

AnGeL Ministries, Raleigh, NC

“This is an anointed project…truly a key ministry tool for adults, youth, and grade schoolers.”

Brad Long

Executive Director


“An amazing production that the Holy Spirit can use to bring people into the reality of the book of Revelation. Truly an inspired work of art!”

Phyllis Tickle

author and founding editor

Publishers Weekly Religion Department

“This is an amazing piece of work!”

Jim Wallis


Sojourners magazine

“Debby Topliff has a wonderful way of integrating Scripture, art, story, and prayer, making it come alive both visually and spiritually….a unique resource for churches, small groups, or even individual devotion.”

Rob Bell

author and founding pastor

Mars Hill Church, Grandville, MI

“Debby is an extraordinary person—she reminds me that sometimes prophets use paintbrushes.”

Ann Peddicord


Berlin, Germany

“I was deeply moved, inspired, and encouraged to live more fearlessly and to listen more in quietness to the Lord and to trust and do what He says more quickly.”

Robin Lee Hatcher

Fiction Writer

“If you have a small group or want a unique study tool for your own use, I’m delighted to recommend Painting Revelation. If you’re an artist, this will truly stir up those creative juices.”

Shelia King


Vision Video

“Painting Revelation gives us a window into the unknown making the mysterious understandable.”

Joan Kindig

Booklist, April 15, 2008

American Library Association

“…Particularly pleasing are short introductions to each segment, filmed in the woods surrounding Topliff’s home. This presentation helps viewers understand the Bible as seen through an artist’s palette.”

Judie Childress

LPC, M.Div in Biblical Communication

“This is the most memorable Bible teaching I have ever heard…and I have heard a lot of good bible teaching….This is just fabulous.”

Jennifer Bogart


Quiver Family

“Stunning, though simple in execution…the spirit of God has anointed this work, and the glory shines through the painting….Our 3-year-old was as equally captivated as her 43-year-old father.”

Sherry Reus

Precepts student

Seattle, WA

“Painting Revelation does a wonderful job summarizing what it has taken me over a year to study through Kay Arthur’s Precepts. I can tell Debby was teaching ‘in the Spirit’...”

Carin Dykema

Holland, MI

“Painting Revelation presents John’s vision in a ‘global view’….a beautiful way to present prophecy, while staying true to the Scriptures.”

Mimi Pearson


“This was INCREDIBLE. Seriously. If you want to study Revelation, you should buy this DVD. I’ve watched it with my boys. They thoroughly enjoyed it as well.”

Quinton Schwengel

WinShape Retreat

“This is a powerful ministry tool that tells the most important story that will ever be told.”

Don Hart


MOVE Communications

“These images capture the essence of the life of Jesus and those he touched. There is power in this simple evocative style that brings these events alive in the moment.”

Brian Christopher Coulter


“Imaginative, insightful, and refreshing. A great resource for my congregation and a great inspiration for me.”