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And the WORD became COLOR:  Exploring the Bible with paper, pen, and paint


In this book Debby Topliff explains and demonstrates a method of visual Bible study—or Visual  …


Abraham Banner 4’ x 5’

Follow Abraham’s tumultuous journey of faith from his first calling in Ur to settling in the promised land, encountering the three visitors in Mamre, watching the destruction of Sodom, receiving his promised son, and ultimately his willingness to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah. Over 70 scenes arranged in nearly  …


Abraham Video

This 6-minute video takes you on an emotional journey with Abraham as he moves from obedience to faith, and from failure to experiencing the ultimate provision of God’s faithfulness to his promise. Music used by permission of the Soil and the Sun.

Preview on Watch &  …


Acts Banner 5’ x 7’

The Life of the Early Church
Full-size, full-color reproduction of the Book of Acts
Ideal teaching tool for children’s bedroom, classroom, church, or mission field
Hang or tack on wall—indoors or out

100 scenes—from Jerusalem to Rome
Main characters  …


Acts Giclée Print 28” x 40”

This beautifully reproduced giclée print is printed on canvas and stretched on a wooden frame, ready to hang. The one-quarter size maintains all the details of the huge original while making it practical to hang in home , office, or church. You can easily search out the details of  …


John 1:1-18 Giclée Print 24” x 24”

The meaning of this pivotal truth about Jesus is captured in these vibrant images. Read John 1:1-18 and trace the statements about Jesus through the illustrations. The Star of David shows He was with God and was God. Words emanate from the points of the star. Through Him all  …


Mark I Giclée Print 28” x 40

Mark I follows Jesus through Galilee as recorded in the first nine chapters of Mark’s Gospel. The scenes are arranged geographically as Jesus went from town to town and region to region showing his disciples how to become fishers of men and women.

This beautifully reproduced  …


Mark I Banner 5’ x 7’

Jesus in Galilee
Full-size, full-color reproduction of Mark I (ch 1-9)
Ideal teaching tool for children’s bedroom,
classroom, church, or mission field
Hang or tack on wall—indoors or outdoors

Jesus’ three-year ministry in Galilee
Scenes unfold geographically


Mark II Giclée Print 28” x 40”

Mark II completes the journey of Jesus as he leaves Galilee and crosses the Jordan River and enters Jerusalem and becomes the living Temple. Mark chapters 10-16 record the events of Holy Week, culminating with the Crucifixion and the women discovering the Empty Tomb.

This beautifully reproduced  …


Mark II Banner 5’ x 7’

Jesus in Jerusalem
Full-size, full-color reproduction of Mark II (ch 10-16)
Ideal teaching tool for children’s bedroom, classroom, church, or mission field
Hang or tack on a wall—indoors or outdoors

Follow Jesus’ last week on earth
Scenes unfold geographically  …


Mark II Holy Week VIdeo

From Palm Sunday to Resurrection
4-minute video of last week of Jesus’ life
sound track: O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile
used by permission of Jars of Clay

This is a powerful experience of Jesus’ life,
death and resurrection is  …


Painting Revelation Video

God’s Victory

45-minute high-quality video in 5 segments
Watch events of end times unfold
through painted images and sound track
Listen as Debby gently narrates story
Appropriate for children and adults
Includes 6-week small group study guide



Psalm 1 Giclée Print 24” x 24”

The Book of Psalms begins with crucial instructions on how to live a life blessed by God. In this painting each verse is depicted visually making it easy to memorize. The images “show” the fruitful results of meditating on God’s WORD versus the path to destruction followed by  …


Revelation Banner 5’ x 7’

God’s Final Victory
Full-size, full-color reproduction of Revelation
Ideal teaching tool for home, school,
church, or mission field
Hang or tack on wall—indoors or outdoors

29 scenes from the last book of the Bible
From Patmos to the New  …


Revelation Giclée Print 28” x 40”

Hang this beautiful depiction of the triumphant Book of Revelation in your home and don’t be afraid, for GOD is seated on the throne!
• “Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what  …