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Abraham Banner 4’ x 5’

Follow Abraham’s tumultuous journey of faith from his first calling in Ur to settling in the promised land, encountering the three visitors in Mamre, watching the destruction of Sodom, receiving his promised son, and ultimately his willingness to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah. Over 70 scenes arranged in nearly geographically trace Abraham’s life as described from Genesis 11:31-23:20.

The original painting hangs in Berling and so its title is in German. “Der Herr seicht” means The Lord Sees, which is how German and Hebrew translate Genesis 22:14. English Bibles translate this phrase at “the Lord will provide.” I find it interesting that the original is one step closer in faith—if we know God sees, then of course He will provide!

4’ x 5’ high quality sublimation dye reproduction on sturdy fabric.