Isaiah: The Fifth Gospel

We enter life on the right side of the painting, a world of darkness and idolatry that leads to death and destruction. If we “look up” we see God’s handiwork in the stars (Psalm 19) and his promise of a special child who will come into the world for us. “The government will rest on his shoulders. His name will be Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” 

The suffering in our world can lead us to journey toward the center, a representation of Isaiah 6, where we encounter the Holy One, recognize our sin, receive forgiveness, and accept God’s call to serve him. As we journey toward hope and healing we pass through fire and water, but God promises to be with us. The glimpse the coming promises of hope and restoration for all nations and peoples, as well as with creation.

This 3′ x 8′ painting is a compilation of the imagery found throughout the 66 chapters of Isaiah. The specific verses are written in ink on the painting. Contact Debby for a list of verses included in this extensive study.


Follow your imagination as 29 scenes from the mysterious visions of John are illustrated and made memorable in this 5′ x 7′ painting. Go to VIDEOS above to watch the painting come alive in a 45-minute video where Debby tells the story of Revelation while the images unfold. 

Listen to a short audio tour HERE.


Explore the life of Abraham to gain a deep appreciation for the “roller-coaster” of experiences that God used to form him into a man who lived by faith. 

Watch 4 in-depth teachings on Abraham’s journey HERE

Mark I

Follow Jesus through the first half of Mark’s gospel as he teaches his disciples how to become fishers of men and women. The 43 scenes are arranged geographically and each character is color-coded for easy identification.

Listen to a short audio tour HERE.

Mark II

Trace Mark’s portrayal of the last week in Jesus’ earthly life as he enters Jerusalem, suffers on the cross, and is raised to glory. Includes 52 scenes arranged geographically. 

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Acts of the Apostles

Explore the first twenty years of the early Christians through this “visual translation” of 85 scenes in the Book of Acts, laid out as a journey from Pentecost to Rome. 

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Zechariah’s fifth vision provides symbols that point not only to the rebuilding of the temple, but also to the coming Messiah who is the place where God dwells in human form. 

Psalm I

Let these images help you examine each verse in this very first psalm and see what happens when you center your life on God’s Word. You’ll soon have the whole psalm memorized. 

A Biblical Zodiac

Viewing the arrangement of the constellations from a Christian perspective helps explain how “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalm 19:1

The Road to Emmaus

Could the two people who met up with the resurrected Jesus on their way home to Emmaus have been husband and wife? See how He opens their eyes and their despair turns to joy.

Charcoal Fire 1

Part of a diptych that demonstrates the mystery of inner healing and forgiveness, this painting of John 18 portrays the details of Peter’s 3-fold denial of Jesus in front of a charcoal fire, outside the house of the high priest.

Charcoal Fire 2

This companion painting of John 21 tells the second half of the story—how the resurrected Jesus restored Peter in front of a similar charcoal fire, using all his senses to touch his emotional core.

Before the Fall

Compare the two creation accounts in Genesis 1 and 2 and see how the second rendition telescopes into the first with greater detail, concluding with the creation of a companion for the man.