Therapeutic Grade essential oils are God’s original health care plan. They are easy, safe, and intuitive. My family has been using Young Living Oils–the world leader in production and research–since 2005. I would be happy to help you discover this amazing resource.

How to get started using Young Living Oils

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My family has used Young Living Oils since 2005

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Oils are the only oils I trust. They have farms and global partnerships on 6 continents and in over 30 countries.

My husband and I visited farms in France and Utah where we saw 12’ deep distillers each holding 1/4 acre of lavender and producing 3 gallons of essential oil at under 1# pressure for several hours. Before the lavender is harvested the plants are tested every two hours for up to a month to calculate peak energy levels.

Most companies are simply “brokers” of oils and many use solvents that enable them to extract an oil in 10 minutes, or mix in additives. Be very careful where you source your oils.

Oils are God's original health care plan

  • They are the very first medicine and were provided in the Garden of Eden.
  • Knowledge of using oils was lost in the Dark Ages.
  • The healing properties of oils were rediscovered in France in the early 20th century

Essential Oils are the earliest known medicine

  • Egyptian hieroglyphics 4,500 BC include recipes for oils
  • Evidence of distillation dates to 3,500 BC
  • King Tut’s Tomb held 350 50 liter-jars—traces are still viable
  • Thieves stole the oil but not the gold
  • Papyrus with 100s of remedies have texts from 3400 BC

Essential Oils in the Old Testament

Healing oils were part of God’s original creation:
Genesis 2:1-12—gold, onyx, aromatic resin are found just outside the Garden of Eden
People in the Old Testament used oils:

Exodus 30:23-35—God gives an oils recipe to Moses for use with the sacrifices
2 Chronicles 28:15—healing balm
Esther 2:12—preparation for the King
Ps 23:5—“He anoints my head with oil”
Ps 45:7-8 and Hebrews 1:9—oil of joy
Pr 21:20—the house of wise contains precious oil
Isaiah 39:2—Hezekiah’s bounty included silver, gold, spices, and fine oil
Isaiah 61:1-3—God gives us the oil of gladness instead of mourning

Essential Oils in the New Testament

Jesus used precious oils and instructed his disciples to also:

Mt 2:11—Magi’s gifts to Jesus include frankincense and myrrh
Mark 6:13—Jesus instructs his disciples to anoint the sick with oil
Mark 14:3-8, Matthew 26: 2-16, John 12:1-8—Jesus is anointed with oils worth more than a year’s wages
John 19:38-39—Joseph of Arimathea prepares Jesus’ body with oils worth $200,000
James 5:14-16—instruction (or command?) for elders to anoint the sick
There will be healing oils in God’s new creation:

Rev 22:2—in the New Jerusalem, the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations

What are essential oils?
  • Aromatic, volatile liquids extracted from seeds, roots, flowers, leaves, and bark of plants through steam distillation
  • Life blood/immune system of plants
  • NOT vegetable oil from seeds or fruit
  • Found in circulating juices of plants
  • Tiny enough to penetrate cell walls
  • Bring nutrition and information in
  • Carry waste products out

Essential Oils are the “blood” of plants

  • Tiny enough to act as chemical messengers to receptor sites
  • Regulate plant growth // hormones
  • Help metabolism // enzymes
  • Basis of immune system in plants
  • Fight viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites, insects in plants
How do essential oils work?
  • Like email—they send electrical messages through neurons in the nervous system
  • Like UPS—they deliver chemical packages through hormones and neurotransmitters in the endocrine system
  • They CLEAN receptor sites 
  • DEPROGRAM false information
  • REPROGRAM correct information

They raise human frequencies

  • Healthy person: 62-68 MHz
  • Cold symptoms: 58 MHz
  • Flu: 57 MHz
  • Cancer: 42 MHz
  • Dying: 25 MHz
  • Essential Oils: 52-320 MHz
  • Dry herbs:  12-22 MHz
  • Fresh produce:  5-10 MHz
Essential Oils and our emotions

The Amygdala is the emotional control center of the brain

  • It is like the “Librarian” of emotional memories
  • Emotions we haven’t faced or accepted are stored as repressed emotional energy
  • Buried emotions can cause pain, illness, disease, and malfunctions on all levels
  • Aromas of EOs can touch our buried emotions and assist in releasing them
  • Olfactory nerves connect directly behind nose to center of brain, above roof of mouth
  • the Amygdala includes neural cortex and endocrine glands
  • the Amygdala functions both electrically (email) and chemically (UPS) via hormones
  • Amygdala doesn’t respond to words that are read, spoken, heard, or even felt by braille
  • BUT it responds to SMELL!