28 Night Song
Night Song

The Christian community John and I helped start after graduating from divinity school belonged to an association of similar groups from around the country. The Post-American newspaper had become Sojourners magazine and served as a voice for Christians called to peace and justice. Every year leaders from each community gathered to talk about our common visions and challenges.

One year when we were meeting at a retreat center near Detroit I was startled awake in the middle of the night with a complete song—melody and lyrics—floating like a cloud in front of me. I wrote down the words and memorized the music.

At the meeting the following morning I shared the song. Someone asked me what time I woke up. Amazingly, several other people had awakened at exactly that time and received a special gift as well.

This song continues to be the touchstone of my life. The initial metaphor shows God inviting us to live in the house where he dwells. Learning and knowing his Word is like looking through a window—we can only see and understand a portion at a time. God’s heart, on the other hand, is an open door, wide enough for anyone to enter. All that is required is admitting we need him.

A New Song

The Lord Has Let Me See

The Lord has let me see how great is his love for me

He has opened up a window to his Word

He has opened up the door to his heart

He has turned on the light and beckoned me come in

Because he knows how much I need him

The Lord has let me know how deeply I must follow

He has called me to speak with his own words

He has called me to love with his own heart

He has asked me lovingly to sacrifice my life

Because he knows how much I love him