The Life of Abraham (Genesis 12-23)

Abraham Giclée Print or Banner
The Life of Abraham

Many people are familiar with highlights from the life of Abraham. This painting strives to depict his entire life as recorded in Genesis 12-23 in order to understand the roller-coaster of experiences that enabled him to become a man of faith. Seeing his failures and successes encourages us on our own journeys of trusting and obeying the Lord.

The actual canvas painting hangs in Haus Nazareth, a ministry center in Berlin. I wanted to title the work, “God Provides” from Genesis 22:8 and 14. When I searched for the German translation, I was surprised to learn that both the German (Der Herr seiht) and Hebrew read “God Sees.” This translation is even more profound and faith inspiring than God provides, and reveals a step closer knowing the character of God. When we know He sees our need, we know He will provide.

This painting is available as a fabric banner in the original 4’ x 5’ size or any smaller dimension to fit your needs, perfect for a Sunday School class or Bible Study group. The image is also available as a framed giclée print on canvas at 1/4 size (2 x 2 1/2’). Contact Debby for prices and ordering information.

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