Psalm I

Psalm 1
How to Live a Blessed Life

This psalm is a clear teaching on how to be happy—how to be blessed. Reading it visually emphasizes the difference between the two ways to live. The top third, from left to right, shows a person careful about the company they keep, how they behave and what they choose to think about.

In the middle section the happy person thinks about God’s Word, day and night. The center of the painting depicts the outcome of that practice: a stable, fruitful tree with deep roots. Contrast that with the characteristics of chaff.

The lower panel compares the the position of the “wicked” with the “righteous” in relationship to God. God’s “eye” watches over those who listen to his Word while those who disregard him walk away.

This painting is available as a 24″ square framed giclée print on canvas. Contact Debby for prices and ordering information.